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A man eating burger

Why Is American Food So Unhealthy?

You are probably used to the stereotypical American diet—all supersized- burgers, fries, soda. Maybe you’ve pondered on how scarce American snacks are in Canada. But have you ever wondered why Americans eat unhealthy foods?
The truth is the American food system favors highly processed junk food over healthy foods. The results are pretty scary: skyrocketing obesity rates and an explosion of preventable diseases like diabetes. And, of course, a generation of kids who have never tasted a vegetable that wasn’t …

is it legal to give child cbd

Is It Legal To Give Child CBD?

The usage of Cannabidiol, CBD for short, is widespread today. Thanks to its healing and soothing properties, it’s quite the go-to natural remedy.
Despite the popularity, the law surrounding it is pretty gray– even regarding kids. It’s thus okay to get curious and ask: is it legal to give child CBD?
While CBD oil derived from hemp is legal for all ages under Canadian law, CBD derived from marijuana is only for adults.
The good news is that most cannabidiol products are made from hemp and contain little to no …

Is Vaping Around Children Safe?

Vaping revolutionized smoking with its wide variety of options, ranging from low-nicotine to high and strawberry e-juice flavor to other fruity kinds. Vaping has attracted smokers of different ages.
But it also makes many parents wonder if vaping around kids is harmful. This is a common problem in households with adults who vape. The users may benefit from the process but are the children safe to inhale or get exposed to the chemicals used in the process?
Although more sophisticated in design, technology, and formulation, vaping …

Development of Instagram Kids and their Impact on Children

Instagram Kids is an application that has been designed for children between the ages of ten and twelve. The application requires the parent’s permission so that it can be accessible to the children.
The application has content geared towards children between the specified ages. However, many parents, doctors, and physicists condemned the application due to its bad effects on the children’s mental health.
Many young girls have been negatively influenced by the application, especially when cyberbullying and…

Why Depressed Pregnant Women are More Likely to Get C-section

Many pregnant women experience plenty of anxiety attacks which can have dangerous consequences on the birth of a child. The child born can be underweight, and the baby can also be born prematurely.
Research has shown that most pregnant women who are depressed are likely to undergo a C section compared to those who are not depressed. Many doctors advise pregnant women to understand the relationship between depression and anxiety before deciding to do a C section during delivery.
For the first time pregnant women …

Severe Covid 19 in Children’s Cases Can be Identified Before Continuing

Headaches and fever generally characterize Covid 19 symptoms among children. Many people do not know whether a child can exhibit severe symptoms when they are covid 19 positive.
However, many doctors and scientists have discovered that an increase in the protein called osteopontin plasma indicates severe covid 19 complications in children. The protein is found mainly in the fluids of the body.
Research has also indicated that the protein may contain plenty of irregular cells, which may be responsible for the emergency…

Toddlers Educate Themselves by Observing People than on Television or on Phone Screens

A child being exposed to screens at an early age has become a very controversial topic globally. Researchers have suggested that toddlers below the age of around 17 months should not be allowed to access television or phone screens.
They have also concluded that toddlers between 18-and 24 months be exposed to only limited screen time by their parents. Professionals did the new research to determine whether children learn anything from observing the screens.
Researchers determined that by their parents using a …

How to Handle Your Child when they Test Positive for Covid 19

Parents have had a hard time taking care of their children during the pandemic. When a child has been infected by covid 19, it becomes very stressful for the parent to how they can easily handle the situation.
Parents need to know their children’s symptoms when they get infected with covid 19. Some of the symptoms they may exhibit include fever, headache, sore throat, and pain around their muscles. 
There are also fewer symptoms a child may exhibit if they are infected with covid 19. Many parents may fail to …

Counseling Grieving Children

A child who has lost a parent, grandparent, a pet, or a friend grieves most of the time. Hence, the children need to get counseling to gain assistance from professionals on how they can properly handle their emotions.
Many children at times experience long-term effects when they lose an important figure in their life. Those long-term effects can include accumulated stress levels which may hinder their development in life due to grief.
Those children who find it hard to cope with grief also exhibit many negative …

Mental Health Child’s Support

Many parents are good at ensuring their children remain physically fit during their lifetime. However, mental health is an area many parents should concentrate on, especially their children.
Supporting a child’s mental health is vital in that it enables them to be resilient in making appropriate decisions and in their growth when they become adults. Mental health is also important because it enables the children to live well, think critically, and make them full of confidence.
It is not easy to support a child …