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The Growth and Development of a Child Aged 12

Children aged twelve are known to possess plenty of understanding as they continue to grow to become full adults. They begin to exhibit adequate information processing and high reasoning before deciding on a decision.
A twelve-year-old child also begins to consider other peoples ‘views and opinions before making a sound decision. They also consider people’s feelings before giving out their views regarding certain topics. They also begin to have long-term plans for whatever they intend to do.
When they continue to …

The Growth and Development of a Child Aged 16

When teenagers turn sixteen years old, they become super jovial. They get to have more freedom, get their driver’s license, and become more self-aware of what they would want to pursue in the future.
For many parents, their children turning sixteen years old can be frustrating and happy at the same time. Parents may be happy because their kids are out doing important activities and accomplishing their goals in school but may also end up becoming frustrated due to their rebellious nature.
Sixteen-year-olds begin …

Is it Appropriate to Take Sudafed when Breastfeeding?

At times, breastfeeding mothers may wake up with a running nose, making it hard for them to breathe, think, or even tend to the baby’s needs. Sudafed is used to decongest the nose, and many people use it.
Though Sudafed may not harm the baby, its side effect is that it reduces the quantity of breast milk when it’s consumed by breastfeeding mothers. Due to this reason, many doctors do not recommend Sudafed to be taken while breastfeeding.
When a mother wants to reduce the quantity of milk, their baby consumes, …