Development of Instagram Kids and their Impact on Children

Instagram Kids is an application that has been designed for children between the ages of ten and twelve. The application requires the parent’s permission so that it can be accessible to the children.

The application has content geared towards children between the specified ages. However, many parents, doctors, and physicists condemned the application due to its bad effects on the children’s mental health.

Many young girls have been negatively influenced by the application, especially when cyberbullying and online predators that can lure them into making bad habits. Due to t this backlash, Facebook halted the progress of the application.

One major con about the application is that many young girls spend their time there fantasizing about non-existent things. The non-existent includes the flashy lifestyle, a perfect body, and material things.

Many parents agree that children between the ages of ten and twelve should not be allowed to access the internet. The reason is that they are too young and that consuming online content at an early age can be addictive, which may hinder the growth progress of the children.

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