Headaches are a nuisance to many pregnant women. Headaches may arise from changes in hormones or from not drinking enough coffee.

During the pregnancy period, headaches are a common occurrence. They are usually caused by plenty of factors which include the following;

  • Having high blood pressure during the pregnancy period.
  • Having stress both emotionally and physically.
  • A result of muscle pains -posture changes, and weight gain may bring about this pain.
  • Due to the eyes straining as a result of too much screen exposure.
  • Due to sleep deprivation.
  • As a result of dehydration of the body.
  • Due to starvation.
  • As a result of hormonal change and imbalance in the body.

Before women became pregnant, it was definite that the main method of treating headaches was through medications. However, there are many alternatives these days that pregnant women can use to treat headaches.

Some of the methods include;

  • Through resting in a room with no lights.
  • By using both hot and cold towels.
  • By bathing- a pregnant woman can rest easily in a bathtub.
  • Professionals should use massages to be well-taken care of the pregnant woman.
  • By visiting the optician so that the optician may check eyes.

Headaches can be managed properly, ensuring that pregnant women are as comfortable as possible.

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