How People Inside the House Can Prevent Pollution Through Air Quality Improvement

Many people spend the majority of their time inside the house. However, research has indicated that there are many health hazards associated with the air inside the house.

Many pregnant women have been affected by the air they breathe inside their house, leading to them losing their babies. Those who have health problems are at the risk of being affected by air pollution, especially in their lungs.

Many people’s air in their homes is generally five times more polluted than the outside fresh air. Air pollution can result from various factors such as the room conditions, the health of the occupants, and the ventilation of the room.

High levels of pollutants are also known to cause air pollution inside the house. They may lead to heart attacks, strokes, and ailments in the respiratory system such as asthma which may be fatal if not treated well.

People can prevent air pollution inside the house by banning smoking inside the house as it may affect the children’s health. People should also ventilate the cooking fumes to prevent the nitrogen dioxide from affecting children, which can lead to them being asthmatic if left untreated. It is also vital for air filtration equipment to allow airflow in the house.

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