At times, breastfeeding mothers may wake up with a running nose, making it hard for them to breathe, think, or even tend to the baby’s needs. Sudafed is used to decongest the nose, and many people use it.

Though Sudafed may not harm the baby, its side effect is that it reduces the quantity of breast milk when it’s consumed by breastfeeding mothers. Due to this reason, many doctors do not recommend Sudafed to be taken while breastfeeding.

When a mother wants to reduce the quantity of milk, their baby consumes, taking Sudafed may be best. Research has also shown that very small amounts of Sudafed pass through to the baby though it is not as dangerous as thought to be.

When babies consume milk that has traces of Sudafed, they at times become a nuisance. This observation is the only one that has been identified through research. Taking too much Sudafed is dangerous, especially concerning the relationship between the breastfeeding process and the baby, as it may be damaged.

Breastfeeding mothers are advised to take Sudafed after breastfeeding their children to avoid the minimal side effects.

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