Many parents are good at ensuring their children remain physically fit during their lifetime. However, mental health is an area many parents should concentrate on, especially their children.

Supporting a child’s mental health is vital in that it enables them to be resilient in making appropriate decisions and in their growth when they become adults. Mental health is also important because it enables the children to live well, think critically, and make them full of confidence.

It is not easy to support a child dealing with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety since learning useful skills is not easy. Nevertheless, failing to support them can be dangerous in the long run as they can develop serious mental and health problems which may be hard to treat.

Parents are recommended to support their child’s mental health through many aspects. Parents can show love to their children when facing hardships in life, and by constantly reminding them of their love for them, their mental health is boosted.

Parents are also encouraged to praise their children’s character traits, such as their self-confidence. Research has indicated that children with low self-esteem often get stressed, anxious, and depressed. It is thus important to ensure that parents praise them for boosting mental health.

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