Parallel parenting is the process whereby parents who do not get along with each other or understand each other find a way of being able to raise their children together. This process involves each parent being responsible for their activities with the children without directly involving the other parent.

This process involves minimal communication between the parents directly. However, when it comes to matters regarding the children, they can communicate well with each other. Some of the issues they may discuss are the children’s health, fee payment, their health, and safety.

Parallel parenting is very different from co-parenting since co-parenting involves the communication of both parents regarding children’s matters. Parallel conflict is only recommended in cases where parents have conflicts with each other, and they do not want to involve their children.

How is a parallel parenting plan created? It usually involves the lawyers who come up with the plan, especially when a divorce occurs. The parallel parenting time includes each parent’s time with the children, how the children will stay in each of their houses, and communication plans.

Parallel parenting only works well when each of the parents takes part in their agreement regarding their children. If one of the parents feels that there are changes to be made, lawyers can be contacted by the parents. 

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