Severe Covid 19 in Children’s Cases Can be Identified Before Continuing

Headaches and fever generally characterize Covid 19 symptoms among children. Many people do not know whether a child can exhibit severe symptoms when they are covid 19 positive.

However, many doctors and scientists have discovered that an increase in the protein called osteopontin plasma indicates severe covid 19 complications in children. The protein is found mainly in the fluids of the body.

Research has also indicated that the protein may contain plenty of irregular cells, which may be responsible for the emergency of cancer in the child’s body. A high level of osteopontin plasma has also been associated with many tumors.

Many doctors are using the osteopontin plasma protein to know whether a child has a severe case of covid 19. Those children who have less protein in their blood tend to have mild cases of covid 19.

It is also important to note that the protein levels tend to rise as a result of the body responding to certain inflammatory properties. Covid 19 causes inflammation, hence an increase in the osteopontin plasma levels.

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