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Toddlers Educate Themselves by Observing People than on Television or on Phone Screens

A child being exposed to screens at an early age has become a very controversial topic globally. Researchers have suggested that toddlers below the age of around 17 months should not be allowed to access television or phone screens.

They have also concluded that toddlers between 18-and 24 months be exposed to only limited screen time by their parents. Professionals did the new research to determine whether children learn anything from observing the screens.

Researchers determined that by their parents using a smartphone to take photos, the toddlers began to understand how people can capture reality through technology. A researcher compared this research to those toddlers of the 1990s who could not understand the meaning of a picture.

Research has also shown that children do not learn well from technological equipment such as the television and phone. The toddlers do not grasp how people can use a picture to analyze situations in the real world since the phones are too available.

Parents are encouraged to educate their children themselves since it will promote remembrance of what they have learned rather than using an app on the phone. Toddlers learn more through observing what a person does rather than using a mobile phone since their memory is stimulated to capture movement and words.

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