Why Depressed Pregnant Women are More Likely to Get C-section

Many pregnant women experience plenty of anxiety attacks which can have dangerous consequences on the birth of a child. The child born can be underweight, and the baby can also be born prematurely.

Research has shown that most pregnant women who are depressed are likely to undergo a C section compared to those who are not depressed. Many doctors advise pregnant women to understand the relationship between depression and anxiety before deciding to do a C section during delivery.

For the first time pregnant women undergoing C section, depression levels are extremely high. This process may be very dangerous for both the mother and the baby as it may lead to increased blood pressure and cause early delivery of the baby.

Pregnant women anxious about naturally giving birth tend to undergo a C section. The results from the research are very important in advising pregnant women on the benefits and disadvantages of undergoing a C section during childbirth. The fear of going to labor for pregnant women increases panic and anxiety, leading to depression. Hence C section is the only way forward.

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