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How to Remove Dead Skin Safely when Pregnant

During the pregnancy period, the body undergoes plenty of changes. One of the noticeable changes involves the skin, which is very sensitive to artificial beauty products during this pregnancy phase. 
During this pregnancy phase, the skin usually benefits through exfoliation. Exfoliation removes the dead skin in the body, and it enables the skin to be smoother, clearer, and easily hydrated.
There are usually two ways to exfoliate the skin that anybody can easily do. One is through the use of a dry brush. Anyone can …

Headache Cause and Treatment During Pregnancy

Headaches are a nuisance to many pregnant women. Headaches may arise from changes in hormones or from not drinking enough coffee.
During the pregnancy period, headaches are a common occurrence. They are usually caused by plenty of factors which include the following;

Having high blood pressure during the pregnancy period.
Having stress both emotionally and physically.

Why a Mother May “Show” before their Subsequent Pregnancy

A pregnant woman’s best moment is when they begin to “show.” This showing phase shows that a newborn begins to grow inside the body.
Some of the signs of this process may include having appetites and cravings for various foods, some nausea, and some pains from different body parts. Many pregnant women are surprised when the baby bumps come earlier during their subsequent pregnancy.
The baby bump may come during the tenth week of the pregnancy. However, there is no guaranteed time when the baby bump …